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5 Questions To Ask When Hiring for Mold Removal in Valencia, CA.

We're eager to share insights gathered from thousands of jobs over twenty-eight years, specializing in airborne mold, healthcare risk management, building envelope, and biohazard management, particularly in Valencia, CA. This article will highlight pitfalls you should avoid when combating mold in your premises.

  • Is the person decontaminating your premises in Santa Clarita, CA, qualified?

Don't take their word for it. Request an OSHA HazWoper certification. Regulations by OSHA and CalOSHA necessitate such certification to apply chemicals, execute cleanup, and wear PPE (personal protective equipment) within areas like 91350. Professionals should readily produce an ID card confirming their current Hazwoper training.

  • Do they possess Indoor Air Quality certifications

The firm you hire should hold a certification in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). This suggests that the individuals understand the intricacies of air quality in your Valencia, CA 91350 business or home. Inexperienced companies spraying chemicals can unintentionally exacerbate your indoor air quality. The chosen firm should have IAQ monitoring devices and provide environmentally friendly solutions prepared in advance for your specific location in Valencia, CA 91350.

  • Does their general liability insurance cover "mold" in Valencia, CA 91350?

Request their insurance document before commencement of work. If the policy mentions "Janitorial" or "Cleaning" without including mold, that's a red flag, especially for businesses in Valencia, CA 91350. Handling mold requires specialize

d training, and the lack of mold-specific coverage could put your Valencia, CA 91350 business at risk.

  • How do they validate their work in Valencia, CA 91350?

Companies should have the qualifications to take surface samples or provide test strips confirming the success of their services. Ask them how they monitor the air quality while working in Valencia, CA 91350 and how they validate their services. Reputable companies can readily provide this information.

  • What is being sprayed in your premises in Valencia, CA 91350?

By law, you have a right to know. Don't allow the application of a home-made solution in your Valencia, CA 91350 business. EPA-approved labels for mold will clearly state their efficacy. Always request to see the label before approving the bid. Important note: At CR Environmental LLC, we source guidance from trusted health organizations and a renowned clinical laboratory, which we use for mold surface testing in Valencia, CA 91350. This, along with our vast experience, equips us to deliver solutions based on science, not fear. Our mission is eradicating mold from our Valencia, CA 91350 homes and businesses. We offer services to fit almost any budget. If you have questions about this blog or wish to reach out to us, please call us at (661) 317-2275. Remember, we're in this together.





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