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What is the cost to remove mold in Santa Clarita, CA?

Updated: May 28, 2023

Pricing for mold decontamination is a multifaceted matter. Firstly, we need specifics about the business or home you need to decontaminate for mold, such as square footage, volume of space, and location in Valencia. Furthermore, we customize our mold remediation services to each surface within the premises. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Consider this: tailored services for a barbershop of 800 sq ft with 8' ceilings, little to no inventory, seeking remediation service on in Valencia, CA 91350, will be significantly less (per square foot) compared to an emergency one-time mold remediation in a 20,000 sq ft gym with 20' ceilings, and a myriad of equipment.


(VALENCIA, CA) The EPA maintains a list of approved products for combatting mold and other emerging pathogens. Gaining validation and a spot on this list is not a trivial feat, with products ranging from $125.00 to $400.00 per gallon.

The are reports that franchise companies charging between $100.00 and $250.00 per square foot for mold remediation services in the Los Angeles area (Back in 2020), including Valencia, CA 91350. Keep in mind that franchises typically have higher overheads than local companies. Ensure that you're engaging insured environmental firms in Valencia, CA 91350. Insist on hiring technicians trained in OSHA Hazwoper and who use EPA "N" list registered products. We have more advice on this subject and 5 questions to ask before hiring a service, which can be found here.

For local mold remediation services in Valencia, CA 91350, expect to pay between $ 80.00 to $100.00* per square foot. The lower price range is typically for firms offering contracts for nontoxic mold. Scheduling decontamination services in advance or on a regular basis can bring cost savings. The upper-end price range caters to businesses requiring Dry-Mist HALO service, which is ideal for premises that cannot tolerate wet applications on their inventory. This method is safe for sensitive electronics and paper. The upper-range also includes one-time customers that require rush or emergency services, or may need after-hours services between 7 PM to 7 AM in Valencia, CA 91350.

  • (March 31, 2023) The pricing mentioned was applicable at the time of this post. Prices may fluctuate based on the availability of mold remediation supplies, as supply chains can be strained. Please call our office in Valencia, CA 91350, for current pricing at (661) 317-2275.

 BEWARE... If you are not treating the air what is the point?


The CDC says that the air we breathe is the number one vector for entering the body. If you are not treating the air what is the point?  Beware of any company that is claiming to offer decontamination services less than thirty cents per square foot. That price is suspect, considering that mathematically that doesn't work out to cover the material cost to treat an empty building of modest size, much less, the cost of trained labor. Low ball prices over the phone that low will normally come with add-ons (e.g labor, disposables, filters, junk fees). Make sure detailed quotes are given in writing. Insist on Insurance that covers and specifically says "COVID" on the policy.

 After 26 years of airborne pathogen remediation and can say with confidence that products claiming to treat the air and surfaces at extremely low pricing are very likely not on the approved EPA "N" list for coronaviruses.

If you find a disinfectant at those prices that fogs the air and surfaces with a 99.9999% efficacy (EPA kill log 6) ... call us; I'll pay you a finder's fee! 


 We also have a deep concern about the indoor air quality for customers and employee that have to breathe. We have a 5-star career by using "green, environmentally friendly and safe products" for our clients. Protecting them and the future occupants of their businesses have always been one of our top priorities. 

Sadly, many people are just out to "make a buck" using their questionable solutions. This is one reason COVID insurance is sky-high. If you are considering these services, make sure you get a copy of the label of whatever it is they are spraying in your business. Ask for the MSD (medical safety data) sheet from them. The MSD is required by CalOSHA to be given to the owner, and they are to be posted while working. If you have any doubts, call us about a product or look it up on the EPA's website. 


 It's disturbing to think untrained people are watching YouTube videos one evening, then opening a "disinfecting service" the next day; we pray they don't harm their lungs or permanently damage their health. In half of the videos I watch, they are not even wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) or they don't have the correct cartridges on their respirators. 

 If these people don't hurt themselves first, they will end up harming others. It's no wonder COVID general liability insurance is so high. We have heard reports that items in the store are left sticky after these suspect solutions have been sprayed. Do your self a huge favor and ask for a copy of the company's General Liability Insurance coverage and make certain that COVID decontamination and pollution coverage is listed in the coverage. A standard policy for janitorial general liability does not cover COVID, your business, or the business owner!


A reputable company will offer to treat the air and surfaces in the same disinfectant treatment. We have many tools in our company to combat coronavirus. The Halosil's Halo fogging system is just one of them. The Halo was featured on NBC's Today Show in April 2020. Be sure to watch the video on our home page. The Halo has been used in hospitals for over ten years. The fogger uses an EPA "N" List certified Hydrogen Peroxide base, and more importantly, is an environmentally safe solution. We use the Halo to decontaminate and disinfect the business and the entire volume of air in the facility. It has the EPA's highest rating of a "Kill log 6." It's no wonder these units are used in hospitals. There is no fragrance, no residue, and no rise. It decontaminates everything the air touches; that is a lot of surface area!


 Currently, at the time of this blog writing, we are the only company in Santa Clarita (outside of the hospital) that can treat the air and surfaces at the same time with the Halo system. Other companies can only offer janitorial type, electrostatic surface treatments, or touchpoint services with a spray bottle. While this old way of cleaning helps; cleaning with a rag often just spreads the viruses around. The EPA rating of a spray bottle of disinfectant that claims 99 or 99.9% leaves behind as many as 10,000 pathogens out of 1 million on surfaces.

 In Californa, you as a business owner have "The right to know" what is being used or sprayed into your air. Unless the company you hire is certified and has the equipment to monitor your indoor air quality, they could be making your indoor air quality worse. We have over 26 years in the building risk assessment business and our team has remediation, biohazard, healthcare, indoor air quality testing, and construction experience. 

Tailored services for a barbershop of 800 sq ft with 8' ceilings with little to no inventory that wants touchpoint services nightly on a three-month contract is going to be far less per square foot than disinfecting a 20,000 sq ft gym with 20' ceilings. We like to see the facility in advance to determine if we can use the Halo system or if other methods will be more effective for their situation. The Halo is 40-60% better than even the most thorough janitor.

 Halo reaches every nook and cranny not missing a spot. Imagine trying to disinfect every facet of every item in your store including: under furniture, ceiling, walls, windows, chairs, and inventory. This would take forever, yet our CDC validated equipment and certified operators can do it with the confidence of 99.9999% efficacy.

 Our mission is to eradicate this coronavirus and other pathogens from the Santa Clarita businesses and homes. It is our prayer that we can disinfect and kill as much COVID in businesses and homes as possible. We are in this fight together. CR Enviromental LLC is a certified IAC2 certified indoor air quality and remediation firm. The entire staff is a certified OSHA Hazwoper trained. To learn more check out our credentials or schedule a disinfecting appointment for your business or home contact us at (661)-317-2275 or thru our website at

 CR Environmental LLC performs COVID disinfecting businesses and homes in Santa Clarita. We have over twenty-six years of environmental and building risk assessment in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

The equipment and methodology used by our company are EPA approved and CDC validated. The equipment has a global hospital track record for over ten years. 

We have decontaminated churches, schools (UCLA), meeting rooms, gyms, hotels, restaurants, homes, and offices. 

Our dry mist solution has the highest efficacy rating (99.9999 % ) for the indoor air and surfaces. The EPA approved solution is effective against killing COVID, fungi, ebola, H1N1, influenza, and bacteria just to name a few.

Our "green" solution safely decomposes into environmentally-friendly disinfection byproducts—water, oxygen, and non-toxic silver complexes—making it both safe for people and earth-friendly. 

Serving Los Angeles and Kern Counties. 



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