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What is the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing business cleaning services?

Often times these terms are used incorrectly. Often disinfecting or cleaning surfaces is confused with proper hospital grade decontamination or sterilization. Decontamination involves improving the IAQ as well as treating the surfaces with disinfects. Many inexpericanced businesses offering "cleaning services" are popping up in Los Angeles that have no certifications or expeicance to attempt this type of service. To properly decontaminate a buliding hospital approved equiptment is needed. Sadly, from what we are seeing people are buying pesticide spayer and trying to fog businesses. This is scary as we have no idea what solutions these unqualified firms are using. We seen these new companies using: improper personal protective gear, questionalble homemade liquid solutions, incorrect protocals, uninsured, and untrained staff.

CR Environmental LLC's entire team is OSHA hazwoper trained and has 26 years environmental building risk assesment and Indoor Air Quaility experiance. CR Environmental LLC uses only medical-grade EPA "N" List approved and CDC verified methods to decontamainate and sterilize your buisness for reopening. Our disinfecting cleaning services goes far beyond traditional janitorial rag wiping services. We use the Halo system that is used by hospitals around the world for over 10 years. We treat the air and surfaces at the same time, in one safe treatment. We do not spray caustic chemicals with foul odors. We are also certified indoor air quaility specialists that can surface fomite test businesses or homes for Cov-2 (COVID-19). If you have questions about reopeining your business or disinfecting, sanitizing or cleaning contact us today. Learn about us more.



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